Buffalo Parenting Book Club

Group Description

This is a group for any parents (or grandparent, aunts, etc.) interested in reading and talking about our parenting. We are looking to create an open, friendly, non-judgmental community of people to discuss our everyday parenting challenges and learn together. And hey, we want to go out with grown-ups without a small person... So most meetings will take place evenings at restaurants. Right now, we are planning meetings for the 4th Thursday of each month somewhere in Elmwood / Hertel area of Buffalo.

This group is open to parents with kids of any age, although the founders have early school age kids. (I am a single working mom of 3 yo boy and first grader girl. My co-founder is a stay-at-home /home schooling mom of a 4 yo boy and kindergarten girl.)

Some parenting resources we love are:





Note- We are a non-religious group, but are open to the many religious parenting resources available. ;-)

So if this sound interesting, please join us!

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