Buffalo Women's Social Group

Group Description

Welcome to the Buffalo Women's Social Group

This group was created†for women who are looking for the opportunity†to build new friendships with other women in†the Buffalo area.†We all experience changes in life and sometimes you find yourself†with few friends to spend time with. We want to get women†together to†share stories and experience Buffalo for all it has to offer†while having†fun.

If you are interested in joining please†take a few moments to review the notes from the organizers and our policies and procedures. If you have any questions please contact the organizers on the Contact Us button and we will be happy to reply as soon as†possible.

We hope that†you will join us in making new friends and discovering Buffalo.

This is not a dating group or a lesbian†group it's for women who want to expand their network†of girlfriends.

A word from your Organizer:

A Word from Organizer Cindy: Hello Everyone. I have been with this group since June 2011. I joined because I needed a change in my life. As ruts goes, I was in a big hole. It was too much of the same thing. I am so happy that I join this group. I have met so many great women. We do what we like--talk, drink, eat and have fun. This group helped me and made me get out of†the hole I was in. When you join us you will see our calendar is not empty by any means. We look for events that everyone would enjoy. We also encourage everyone to suggest and setup meetups. Also feel free to contact any of us with question, comments or just to say Hello. Canít wait to meet you and have a good talk, a sip of wine, good food and also have FUN!!!

Please note: Some events do require us to have a reliable attendance count. To help us keep things running smoothly, we do ask that members try to follow a few guideline:

RSVP "Yes" only when you are certain to attend a Meetup. You don't need to say "NO" to every event you are not coming too.

UN-RSVP as soon as you know that you can't come; so members aren't waiting for you.

Individuals that have inactivity in a 6 mos to a year time will be removed from the group as the organizer sees fit. This helps to keep our membership numbers current and accurate.

There are membership dues every 6mos of $5 - There are reminder e-mails.