WNY Creative People

Group Description

WNY Creative People will serve as an umbrella Meetup Group for any creative group that would like to organize and meet. I will take care of all the technical stuff and the money part, and you develop your group however you choose. The benefits of belonging to Meetup include more exposure for your group, and a larger pool of prospective members to draw from.

Part of the idea for this group came from its predecessor, Creative Fusion. We wanted to draw upon each others' areas of expertise, share ideas, and create together.  But we realized that first we needed to build a base of creative and knowledgeable people. 

So let's say you are a member of Buffalo Beaders, but you've always been curious about quilling. And let's say there are a handful of quillers, let's say seven, that occasionally get together, but there really isn't any kind of structure. Creative People offers them a way to have a meetup group, without what would be pretty oppressive costs for a group that small. So the quillers start a group within Creative People, and I notice that I now have a way to contact some quillers and maybe get a class or a lesson. (Yes, that was me I was talking about!!) So the quillers decide to hold an introductory class in quilling, charging a few bucks to cover the cost of materials, and I go to the class all excited. And I find out that I love it! Now I have a group of people to join, who can help me as I take up this new, exciting hobby!! OR, I find out that I'm just not cut out for quilling. I've still met some new people, and we probably had some laughs, and maybe we'll try something else again one day. 

We all win by structuring this new Meetup Group. If you are a counted cross stitch fan, and would like to find others to share your passion, join as an individual, and we'll try to find others to join you. Then you can share patterns, or pattern generators, or whatever you folks do, and chances are, there will be others who would like to try it out.

Dues are $8 per year for each member. It includes your use of the Meetup platform under the Creative People umbrella. You can post your meetings on the communal calendar, and I'll help you with technical questions and with attracting new members. Each group can designate up to two members as members of the Leadership Team, and I will make those two people exempt from dues. It will be up to those two people to schedule meetings for their group. 

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