First Niagara Center

Address: 1 Seymour H Knox III Plz
Phone: (716) 855-4100
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  • George Foussekis

    Shutout 10/17/14. Lllluuuuuuuuuu
  • Buffalo Eats

    If sitting in the 100's check out the new food stands near sect 118. Fresh cut French fries at the Burger Stand!
  • Buffalo Sabres

    Make sure to check into the Buffalo Sabres Store while you are at the First NIagara Center!
  • National Post

    Can the Sabres rely on Ryan Miller alone to carry the team? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • Social Yeah

    Now on it's third "official" name, First Niagara Center was once HSBC Arena & Marine Midland Arena.. Who's been to a Sabres game at all three?
  • Buffalo Likes

    Home of the 2011 World Junior Championship! Dec. 26th - Jan. 5th
  • Kristen Wright

    Chick fingers!
  • Kev Diddy

    Catch a parachute guy during a Sabres intermission!
  • Joy Serio

    Make sure you check out the Pour Man's Aud Club. A tribute to the Aud....
  • Kristen Wright

    Chick fingers here rule!
  • Kevin Evanetski

    Sit on the glass at least once in your life... Amazing!
  • Monique

    Cheer on the Bandits!
  • Len ???

    Buffalo! Are there buffalo here?!
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    Fun Palace in Buffalo!
  • Bob Hine

    Now serving Sam Adams Seasonal and Boston Lager on the 100 level near aisle 22 for Sabres games.. Visit Lisa the beer chick there (she is hot).. Tip her well!
  • Caryn Poland

    Flying Bison at section 318!!
  • Steve Poland

    Flying Bison outside section 318- aviator red and buffalo lager! FTW!
  • JustIn K

    Don't boo former Sabres just bc they're on the other team
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    Let's Shuffle off to Buffalo!
  • Danielle Dole

    Don't get popcorn from the new food stands in the 100 level. They burn it horribly every Bandits game and the awful smell floats up to the 200 level. Someone needs popcorn making 101!!
  • Todd Salansky

    Flying Bison 318!!!
  • Marc DiPrima

    The fried bologna is amazing!!
  • Bob Mangold

    I like to make love during a good sports match
  • Scot C @DjScotEC

    Let's go sabres! We need to win the rest of the season!
  • Brittany

    Eff the Coyotes
  • Scot C @DjScotEC

    Seasons.. 105 row ,13 seats 1&2
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at The First Niagara Center when we play on February 1st! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • Chris Rivers

    Great place to watch the Boston Bruins beat the Sabres. :)
  • Emily Baudendistle

    Wow wee this place is cool!
  • David Shatzel

    Just WIN BABY !
  • Brina G

    Lets go buffalo!
  • Taylor James

  • Bob Hine

    LET'S GO BANDITS! Coldest beer in Bandit Land is at aisle 7 ( Bud Light cart ) on the 300 Level!!
  • Scott Krajeski

    It is heaven here if ur a gay guy. Yum yum YUM!
  • Chris Gardon

    Pick in the pants never gets old!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Dave S.

  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Sabres! (or Come on, you Swords!)
  • JT Tomkins

    Dress warm
  • John Lavelle

    Grab a real beer, labatt blue baby!
  • Melody Wojcik

    Just love what they have done to the FN'ing Center
  • Kerri Markovich

    Cheer to bring home the Cup
  • kadek wahyu

    too many new food stand, burger stand is the favorite ! get one!
  • Paul Woods

    buffalo sabers, hockey
  • Bob Hine

    300 Level, Aisle 7 ( Bud Light cart ) selling the coldest Bud Light and Labatts Blue in the arena! Stop by and say hey to me!
  • Bob Hine

    Head over to the Cobblestone Bar (on South Park behind the arena) before and after all Arena events
  • Josh W

    Nice sporting complex. Ample room, lots of concessions.
  • Knight slider

    Lunch @FirstNiagaraCtr from 11:30-1:30. Now that you have lunch planned out, stop checkin out foursquare and get back to work. #bufftrucks
  • John Mann

    Surrounding area is currently being developed. Parking is somewhat limited. Fans are very knowledgeable. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Buffalo Sabres game, check out
  • Dr. A

    Best to come when there is actually a game or you will be sad.
  • Experience

    Seat upgrades and exclusive VIP experiences are now available at First Niagara Center. Upgrading is fast, easy, and fun! Just visit from your iPhone or Android.
  • Jamie Zuppa

    Suite life is the way to go
  • Chris Gardon

    Nice tribute to all of the Olympians tonight. USA!
  • Thom Kaye

    Dude that flies the Subway blimp at the Sabres games has skills. #holdmybeer
  • Derek Alldritt

    Let go Leafs!!!
  • Douglas Hefter

    Best arena I have been to
  • Mike Conti

    Follow everyone on twitter!! @buffalosabres @sabresstore @NLLbandits and @ FirstNiagaraCtr
  • Lindsay

    Hockey, concerts, events, festivals. Take the subway to it.
  • John Denz

    It's better if you park at M&T near Chippewa and Washington (only $3 to park) and take the train all the way to the rink for free!
  • Paul Moran

    Lets go buffalo
  • Billy Kidd

    WYRK?! How about streaming the Bee instead ; ) #BOOM
  • Jessie Macioszek

    Burritos from the main food court are amazing.
  • A Noom Twenty

    Buffalo Sabres
  • Chrisann;)

    Best pizza!!!
  • Ben Hogan

    Ott and Foligno are great
  • Jennifer Bartimole

    Don't bother parking in the parking garage. Nowhere to park even if you have a permit. And you will never get out!
  • Jessica Stettner

    The higher the seats go the steeper it gets. So be careful when standing up! Sabres play great games though!
  • Crystal Pogorzelski

    Flying bison beer 2nd floor
  • Tırsvin VonWolfsblut

    Love hanging out in the Harbor Club 200
  • Mark Leonard

    Don't go in the stalls!!!
  • Paul Luthi

    GO SABRES!!! Go get a steak sandwich or a chicken finger sub. Aisle seats are better so you can sneak to the bathroom easier. Stay away from the team store. EXPENSIVE!
  • Chris Palma

    Flying pucks! Look out!
  • Cody Labelle

    Happy Birthday Slug!
  • Kyle Geerhart

    No doubt Sabres win! Woooooooooo
  • Amy Collett

    Its now first niagara... No more HSBC
  • Meghan Braisted

    Dee-lite! Mmmm
  • thomas stachowiak

    Banditland! eastern finals
  • JP

    Best arena and best team in the NHL
  • David Sarch

    Couldn't find any mountain dew, if you like to do the dew you have to sneak it in.
  • Fanta-See Island

    Love watching those boys skate!
  • Bryan Gawronski

    Park at HSBC Tower for $8. And no need to brush the snow off the car!
  • Elizabeth Gentile

    Avoid the concession stand outside section 313 slower than slow!
  • Mimi W

    Nachos Supreme at the Caliente-something stand (100 level, near escalators) = the BEST!
  • Anthony Costa

    Former Names: Marine Midland Arena (1996-1999) | Construction Cost: $127-Million USD | Architect: Ellerbe Beckett | Average Ticket Price: $36.43 | Capacity: 18,690
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