Buffalo State

Address: 1300 Elmwood Ave
Phone: (716) 878-4000
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  • Rick Vallone

    Listen to WBNY at 91.3FM or wbny.org
  • Michelle Schmitt

    Don't drink the coffee.
  • Keith Stephan

    Get a Twitter account
  • Mike Burlow

    Don't Expect to ever find parking
  • Joey McGee

    Try and get as many parking tickets you can before graduating.
  • Gina Barbera

  • Dale Bessinger

    I luv how students think they can be the mayor, I am here year round every year.... This is my mayorship!!! LOL
  • Christian Martinez

    first day of school, parking was a bitch as always
  • Peter Stergion

  • Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

    Home of the Lambda Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • Colleen C

    What's your Because of Buffalo State story? Send a video and get a free t-shirt! Details are on Buffalo State's Facebook page!
  • Robyn Babbitt

    Found a dead fly in my salad once. Just thought I'd share.
  • Steven Evans

    Don't drink the water.
  • Peter Stergion

    Ride your bike. Parking is really bad.
  • Angelice Romero

    Its going to rain soon. Walk fast!!!
  • Megan H.

    Love when the construction guys gawk at every female....... -_-
  • Ashley Weaver

    Enjoy it while it last. The "real" world is a bitch.
  • Stacie Leigh

    Still remember Tuesday nights in The Record office, & Strutters, hah! Was always addicted to the breakfast pizza. DON'T miss trying to find parking when I didn't have class at 8am :(
  • Jason Petty

    Graduate on time;)
  • Matt Newman

    Blaze everyday
  • Chris Masich

    so who else goes to Buffalo State?
  • Brianna Larkin

    The salsaritas nachos are delicious! Eat 'em up!
  • Tim Walsh

    College atmposhere in the heart of a great Buffalo neighborhood and setting with Elmwood Ave., Amherst St., and Delaware Park. Great Museums too!
  • Landrum

    Bring the Mayor Greek food!
  • Douglas Mandell

    Work experience is way more valuable than the piece of paper they give you after 4 long years here. Seize every opportunity to add something to your portfolio! #resumebuilding
  • Eric Kolipinski

    Third floor corner library..... best place to study
  • Jamie Kemp

    It's bull shit.
  • Abbey Sommer

  • Likeable Media

    Who knows social media better than students like YOU? @LikeableMedia has has some great interns from here and you could be next! To learn more about the internship, email jobs@likeable.com
  • Mark Degolyer

    You will never, ever, ever receive financial aid, loans, or grants until 2 months into the semester so prep for that.
  • Ariel Peters

    Paul Dewald is awesome and don't you tell me otherwise
  • Chris Masich

    What type of bike you ride Pete
  • Chris Masich

    New to foursquare! !!!
  • Khwaja Navil

    party with the dbx boys this friday!!!
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