Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

Address: 76 Pearl St
Phone: (716) 856-2337
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Category: Brewery
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  • Karen Fashana

    Thirsty? Order one of the 100 oz. tubes
  • Matt Carlucci

    Pig Fingers (Fried Bacon) as a starter is a must-try, if only just to brag about eating fried bacon.
  • Alex Nesselbeck

    Get the trainwreck!
  • Rich Staples

    Stop in Pearl Street for a Pint of Buffalo's best beer, I drink Lake Effect when I make it down.
  • DH

    Gouda soup is a must.
  • Stephen Wright

    Wings were really good. Very big!
  • Social Yeah

    Continuing Buffalo's brewing tradition!
  • Jeremy Mitchell

    Don Cherry Wheat is the stuff dreams are made of!!
  • stephen soroka

    dyson hand dryers in the bathroom. ftw.
  • stephen soroka

    we had our wedding reception here and it was amazing. the food, service and staff were amazing. this is also a great place to hang before a sabres or bisons game.
  • Eric Sharpe

    Definitely go wash your hands in the bathroom. The dryer is so awesome!
  • James C

    Try the beer and cheese soup. Best place before during and after a Bisons game.
  • Chris Heim

    Wild Ox is legit. A great wheat beer
  • Duane Beckett

    Cherry cherry wheat is cherrylicious!
  • Maggie

    Mmm trainwreck beer
  • babe30

    The atmosphere is fabulous -old warehouse look. The beer menu is spectacular! Delicious Pot Roast, awesome Onion Rings and Beef on Weck. The service was friendly but slow. Prices quite reasonable.
  • Gabi Bulumac

    I like this place ?? raspberry and blueberry beer ?? Brew Masters are really good??Great experience !
  • Dave S.

    The hand-dryers in the bathrooms make this place worth a visit. Oh... the beer too.
  • Passion Parties by Clavon

    Had the train wreck, I was a wreck afterwards. I would order it again though... LOL
  • Jennifer Ortiz

    Black Pearl rocks! Trust the Mayor.
  • El Jefe

    The hand drier in the bathroom is cool and the beer is good
  • Patrick McGrath

    shepherds pie is really good.
  • dan gigante

    The beer cheese soup is amazing. Try it and let me know what you think.
  • JustIn K

    Only 50% make it back up from the basement
  • kyle mastalinski

    Get the Lord Stanley Scotch Ale when it's on tap.
  • Philip N

    Try the Gouda Soup! So tasty!
  • Philip N

    Best beer in Buffalo!
  • John Kuntz

    Lighthouse Ale is a great brew.
  • Kerrie

    Excellent food and beer! You have to try this place.
  • Duane White

    Hand dryer. Not as cool as the other tips say.
  • Stacy W. M.

    The food, atmosphere, entertainment & the BEER is over the top phenomenal! P.S. Did I mention how delicious the beer is?!! Try the 2oz teaser beer sampler...10 samples of Buffalo's best!
  • Jarka Machine

    Wesley Willis would've written a song about this place.
  • Jessica Erwin

    GOUDA SOUP!!!!!!!! i will NOT go there without ordering this
  • Mary O'Donnell

    The gouda soup is addicting
  • Sergei M

    Fantastic place. Great hospitality towards away hockey fans. At least one's outside the division. Great beer and pre game buffet. A staple in the rust belt.
  • Rick Parker

    Probably one of the coolest hangouts in Buffalo.
  • Tiffany Mayer

    Have a street brawler. Lots of coffee with a bit of dark chocolate and no bitter aftertaste. One of the best dark beers I've had.
  • Tony Ronzo

    Excellent pre game spot for HSBC events. Every beer I tried rocked. We lucked out and stole a table, make a reservation if you know you're going on an event nightl
  • Dub Imperial

    Not bad.. but people the hand dryer is a staple at all nice places...
  • Steven

    All the comments about the hand dryer got me excited. It's only a Dyson AirBlade. :(
  • Arvind R

    Gotta try Train-wreck on tap!
  • Bea McCaw

    The food and beer(Mmmmmm.... Blueberry Blonde) is even more amazing than I remember it being when I lived in Buffalo.
  • Ryan DJ MC

    Pearl St Weddings are always phenomenal... So why not pick the company pearl st loves! Phenomenon Events & Productions! Photo, Video & DJ! Check out this video:
  • Jan Wopperer

    Don't eat their hummus. It tastes like it came out of a bag from the freezer... 20 days ago. Watch out.
  • Meghan

    Blue eyed blonde!!
  • Spencer Timkey

    lake effect warning!!
  • Passion Parties by Clavon

    Also, I visited this past week end got the Cherry Wheat. Was awesome, I will make that my favorite...
  • Raymond Popowich

    Try the pig fingers!
  • harrison singer

    Awesome hand dryers! Avoid mitchell at all costs
  • Mike Weaver

    Get the pot roast or bow tie pasta.
  • Carolyn Umbreit

    Food is decent, beer is alright, service was terrible...unless you love a fat, 'I hate my life' waitress
  • Tom O'Connor

    The loaded fries make for a great appetizer for a group. So good we ordered them as a meal the next visit!!
  • Patrick B.

    Great beers and great wings. A great place to stop before a Sabres game!
  • Dan Pastuf

    Try the Don Cherry Cherry Wheat, its amazing
  • Todd Salansky

    If you are going to HSBC Arena, grab a Flying Bison Beer near section 318.
  • Lindsay Kustich

    I only drink the lighthouse now, but there's so many good ones! If you like dark go with the street brawler. or the billy bonka!
  • Taka Agawa

    Wild OX beer was some tasty heffe
  • Kevin

    octoberfest beer.....mmmmmmmmmmm
  • Rich Staples

    Pickup a growler to go for a party.
  • Laura Suttell

    Had lunch with friends - salad with pears, brown sugar, goat cheese. Will stop back soon for a Trainwreck.
  • Nancy Ryan

    Atmosphere awesome!! Have not even ordered yet!!
  • Michael Oliva

    Great house brews. Fish tacos are great.
  • Mike F

    Trainwreck is a great beer
  • Lynda Hrycak

    Great out door seating, good food, great beer.
  • Wouter Daan

    Awesome beers, great food and a really cool industrial atmosphere!
  • Jon Spitz

    The beer actually sucks here. They lost head brewmaster and won't pay to get a good one, rumor has.
  • Guy Merrill

    Had the Elk burger which was a special, very good! Also their homemade chips are worth a try.
  • Jeremy A.

    Food is either slipping from what it used to be, or isn't consistent from night to night.
  • Mari Payne

  • Terri Petzel

    Good food/drink and a great view!
  • Katy F

    I can't resist coming here every time we are in Buffalo, good food and great local beers - can't decide? Get there beer sampler!!
  • Aleksei Khlystun

    Nice place to have a drink on the patio.
  • Paul Mestre

    Awesome train wreck draft and pot roast.
  • Holly Patrick

    Great service, great portions, great prices, great atmosphere
  • Nick Peer

    Everything here is good, but definitely get the gouda soup.
  • Kay Newfield

    If you ever find yourself stranded in Buffalo with a couple of hours to kill, fear not! The Pearl Brewery is a great place to eat, drink and hangout. Friendly, warm atmosphere and nice staff too!
  • Andrew Smyk

    Train wreck. Nuff said
  • Jason Wilson

    This place is great. It's laid back and very big. The patio is great to watch the sun go down over the American Flag.
  • Teresa Eiben

    Excellent beers
  • Lindsay

    The place that has been with Buffalo through the ups & downs. Great patio balcony.
  • Mitch

    Note to management: caesar salads are not supposed to contain tomatoes.
  • ?? Sarah Spurling??

    Tree Hugger Burger without egg is vegan & really good.
  • Kristin Sturman

    Horrible service. No one likes loud techno music at 9pm on a Sunday.
  • Tracie Lynn

    I loved the beef on weck! I sure do miss them!
  • Virgil Peacock

    Great Beer
  • Joanne Haas

    Try the Beef on a Weck
  • Joanne Haas

    Try the Don Cherry Cherry Wheat - For all you hockey night in Canada fans.
  • Eric Beardman

    Try the lake effect or the sabers edge if you like hops. Sabers edge only comes in 16oz. Glasses due to high alcohol content
  • John Joseph

    Very clean shitters nice
  • Deb B

    Great place to stop in every time I'm in Buffalo! Love the craft beer!
  • Alessandro Oltramari

    Try the Beer Braised Kiebalsa -
  • Dan Prusinowski

    It's noisy. The little queen host on a Saturday would not let me sit where I wanted to even thought the place was half empty. I walked.
  • Emily Bolles

    Black bean veggie burger !
  • Jon Fiden

    They got rid of the deep fried bacon. Wtf
  • Lee B

    Trainwreaker beer a good German ale!
  • Chris Schuurman

    Great apple pear salad
  • Sara

    Great place to watch sabres games!
  • Rich Beck

    Are waitress was awesome but we don't remember her name!!! Ugh but everything was awesome made our night
  • Jay C.

    This was rated as a 9. I would agree! Delicious, fast and friendly staff.
  • Greg Taggart

    Awesome place. So many awesome beers you can only get here!
  • Ryan Delmar

    Before Sabres games go into the basement bar & deli. Quicker food and beer before the game. Not the full menu but decent selection.
  • Katelan Jae

    Had the lighthouse beer, it was good! Hot wings,Pot roast and green beans good. Mashed potatoes weird. Cold in there. Service wasn't fast.
  • Jim Tamsen

    Sabres Edge double IPA, mmmmmm good.
  • Aly

    Try the loaded pub fries, and the Gouda cheese soup :)
  • Danielle Huber

    Rob rocks - - - hands down!
  • Kathleen Rdh

    Loved the "Trainwreck amber and Street Brawler oatmeal stout"
  • Scott Steinwandel

    Food @ people are awesome!! Start off Entree with Spinach Artichoke Dip with mini pitas!!!
  • Lester Ivers

    The pizza is awesome!
  • Tom Sharkey

    The Sergeant Major IPA is great
  • Joe Kogut

    Train-wreck in effect
  • thomas stachowiak

    $16 all you cam eat pregame Sabres buffet before most Sabres home games.
  • AJ Ellwein

    Don't worry the "air knife" in the bathroom won't actually cut you, enjoy...
  • Tara Vasil

    Pre game awesomeness = train wreck + beef on weck!!
  • Alireza S.

    Try the Billy Bonka for some chocolate beer goodness
  • Colleen Ross

    Have a Trainweck!
  • Christine Marie Doyle

    Soo preTTy !!! Staff is reallY NicE & friendlY! (: Here for a BeauTiFuL FesTive OcTobeR wedding & recepTion ! GooD TimeS!! (:
  • Jessica Erwin

    loooove! wings... amazing.. burgers... amazing... potroast... amazing.. beer amazing :)
  • Timothy Binga

    One word... Streetbrawler!
  • Matthew Cool

    Place doesn't have HD TVs in bar area. What? Buffalo wings are legit though
  • Marcus Hora

    Worst service on the planet!
  • katie barnum

    The pickle is so good, I asked for another.
  • Theresa Davis

    When you try the pig fingers ask for double sauce. They're stingy with it. The sauce is awesome.
  • Jaime Gerardi

    The fish fry is great!
  • Stacey Lawrence

    The shrimp salad was very good. The sweet chilli vinaigrette had a nice kick to it.
  • Heather Cartwright

    Waiter was pretty awful :p
  • Jesse Wilson

    bartender was friendly and helpful, and Trainwreck was legit, BUT... I tried everything ppl recommended on here and if the beer he is really the best beer Buffalo has to offer, I'm sorry for you guys.
  • Space Monkey Pedro

    Try the Blue Eyed Blond.
  • Chad Monteith

    Try the double IPA (saber's edge)....very very good brew.
  • chris

    awesome ipa here
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