Address: 601 Amherst St
Phone: (716) 877-0500
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Category: Supermarket
Check Ins: 30141


  • Kate McGowan

    Sushi is delicious! Try it and see
  • Frank Niemiec

    Be sure to visit the sub shop. Best subs in Buffalo, hands down.
  • Jakob Kaine

    Always good for late night shopping. The late night cashiers are funny and friendly.
  • Michael Lengyel

    They have the BEST SUBS EVER.
  • Brian Ort

    The prepared food area in this Wegmans is very nice if you want to grab a quick bite to eat!
  • Brian White

    Open 24 Hours!!!
  • stephen soroka

    $6 meals are great!
  • Snax

    Who brought the babes?
  • Tommy Hosie

    Eric the front end manager? Key person? Whatever.... Cute!
  • Matt Carlucci

    Chinese food is better than most. Not a bad place for a lunch meeting.
  • Rodney Reisdorf

    Abu is the man. He bags faster than most 2-armed cashiers.
  • Elizabeth Abram

    There is free wifi here, good place to study @.
  • Janine D

    Pick up a box a tissues, 'cause as a summer 2011 the coffee bar stopped serving gelato. Keep calm & carry on wayward gelato seekers. We'll get through this.
  • Landrum

    This mayor cheats!
  • Bryan Ball

    Wegman's sushi!
  • Peter Stergion

    Stop into Rohall's Corner across the street. New pub with a great selection of specialty beers!
  • Chris Long

    Always check expiration dates at this store.
  • Nick Topolski

    v8 fusion ftw
  • Cliff Parks

    Wegman's isn't so much a grocery store as it is a lifestyle and a community hub. Nutritious meals, great breakfasts, amazing subs, great bread and deli. It's all good here.
  • Jordan Smith

    Biggest burritos ever. The tofu ones are delish.
  • Angela L.

    The chicken and dumpling soup makes my mouth very happy!
  • Amanda Chatwood-Price

    Excellent customer service in the bakery!
  • Felecia Velez

    Always get whipped cream frosting on your cake it is the best.
  • Benjamin Scarpine

    No cart returns in the back 2/3rds of the parking lot. Most other locations have them.
  • Sarah Kramer

    Darlene and Carla are the best cashiers. Ever.
  • Steve Poland

    The best thing by Wegmans brand in bulk area: dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Thank me later. Worth every penny. #WINNING
  • Mike Sedia

    Hey ! W where are you?
  • Robbie S.

    Ida is the slowest cashier in the store
  • Matt R

    It's clean, no riff raff.
  • Amanda Chatwood-Price

    Try the pumpkin frappé freeze at coffee bar! Say hi to Andy!
  • Christina Johnson

    Go say hello to rob in bakery. He makes a mean fruit tart.
  • duh_nellll

    best place on earth to meet single dads
  • Christine Candino

    Hey look who got juicing supplies ! #takethat whole foods #blueprint
  • Ann Neris

    Good options in the organic sections :-)
  • Megan H.

    Best subs ever. Try their sushi too :)
  • Cynthia Clarkspellman

    The best Wegmans for miles around. The International section is fantastic and the cafe is in my top 10 favorite restaurants.
  • Brent Zimmerman

    Ahh the pharmacy is open until 10 on weeknights!
  • Naomi F

    the green reusable Christmas bags & the one with the peas have been recalled. they will exchange them for new ones.
  • Christine Lovett-Schaus

    In the fall and winter Wegmans carries tiny cabbages - they are soo sweet and buttery tasting! Look for them next to the large cabages - they are about the size of a hardball.
  • Kevin Purdy

    Matt rules this location with a firm grip, but kind demeanor.
  • Vinny C

    Cake is amazing
  • Josh W

    Always long lines to checkout. I thought a Walmart was the only chain that did that to customers.
  • Josh W

    Best supermarket in the nation. Has everything you need, and more.
  • duh_nellll

    They moved the bottle return to a separate area. You know, so you dont feel like recycling anymore.
  • Benjamin F

    cashiers always seem to be friendly and the ladies at the deli are the best!
  • Noura Alsofiani

    Best organic fruit & veggies:)
  • Lindsay

    Smells soooo bad when you enter because of the can and bottle return...yuckZ
  • Lisa Forbes-Smith

    Don't go here on a Monday, they're always out of stock!
  • Jennifer Link

    Check if they have Inari at the Sushi stand. So good!
  • Shayla H

    Probably my favorite place to get Spinach and Artichoke Dip!
  • Andrew Banas

    2 to 5 am is the best time to shop
  • Dustin Griswold-Hunt

    Dave the cashier its always really nice.
  • Anne Bliss

    It's all about great customer service. The employees look and act happy.
  • Daniel Palumbo Jr

    Avoid Sunday through Monday @ 10pm, Your welcome.
  • Larry Baumler

    Try their subs service and quality can't be beat
  • Sue Lewis

    The Olive Bar is meticulously clean.
  • Jenna o

    sushi. yum : )
  • Summerlee Toth

    Have gotten food poisoning twice from the sushi, and have heard of two others with the same experience. Be careful!
  • Adam Schroeder

    Paninis are delish
  • TZ Martin

    Emergen-C: My Favorite! Get your vitamin c fix. Best price in Buffalo.
  • Paul M

    Rule of wegmans is ALWAYS in effect
  • Caryn Poland

    Ask for John K. to get the best cuts of meat!
  • Kevin Purdy

    Matt, the mayor, is very cordial when it comes to his iron-fisted rule.
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