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Winter Friendly Date Ideas

It can be easy to give in to the desire to just stay home and wait out the cold month ahead, but this can be death for your dating life. Fight the urge to cocoon yourself and take your new beau out on one of our winter/cold weather friendly dates.

1 – Carpet Picnic

This one is kind of cheating since you are technically staying in – but at least you won’t be alone! Grab your favorite picnic snacks and hot chocolate for two and make a winter friendly spread on the carpet at home. Bonus points if there happens to be a snowstorm and candles!


2 – Ice Skating

Regardless if its an indoor or outdoor rink, ice skating is a great couples activity over the holidays. It doesn’t matter if your doubles routine is on point or your both falling all over each other, getting on the ice and getting active is a great way to get the blood (and chemistry) flowing.


3 – Rent a Cabin

If your apartment is woefully without a charming fireplace, this is your chance to snuggle up. Rent a winter getaway for the weekend and enjoy all the winter charms you can’t get at home.


4 – Skiing/Snowboarding

This one requires a little planning or previous skill. If neither of you has experience go take a lesson together – who knows, you might pick up a brand new hobby! If sports aren’t your thing, many ski mountains offer other attractions like hiking or tobogganing.


5 – Hot Springs

Find a local hot spring (or hot tub) and get cozy this winter with your babe. Any excuse to wear a bikini in winter is an automatic win in our books.

These are just a few of our ideas, get inventive this holiday season and more importantly GET OUT THERE!

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