Your Resolutions and You

New Year’s resolutions can be a controversial subject – should you make them? Did you follow them? Etc. If you did decide to make resolutions last year we have put together a list of questions for you to ask yourself in order to evaluate your progress and re-up them for next year.

Can this resolution become a habit?

If your goal is habit forming, like exercising regularly or eating well, you are more likely to stick to it after the New Year’s ball drops.

Is it realistic?

Is it something achievable? Honestly? If you set too many unrealistic goals for yourself it can lead to depression and anxiety when you consistently are unable to achieve.

Did I write it down?

Writing down a goal cements it as a measurable thing to achieve and you are much more likely to follow through. Write down all your goals and review them often.

How long will it take?

Is you resolution temporary or permanent? Permanent goals are ideally habit forming goals as discussed earlier. It is important to understand the level of commitment required when making resolutions.

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