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The Difference

The decision to hire a Matchmaker is a difficult one. It might seem like all matchmaking services are the same – but we do things very differently. Here are just a few ways that Buffalo Matchmaker is the right choice for someone who is considering hiring a Matchmaker:

Quality over Quantity.
Unlike other matchmaking services, we do not match a client for the sake of fulfilling a quota. All of our matches go through an extensive screening process based on the client’s preferences and deal breakers… along with our Matchmaker’s intuition.

Post-Date Feedback.
After an introduction, we follow-up with both parties to get feedback. We relay the feedback to you and make a plan on the next steps.

Privacy is Our Priority.
We respect all clients’ privacy. As such, we do not disclose last names, phone numbers or email addresses (without direct permission).

Our Process is Superior.
We are not simply a dating service that pairs people on a ton of dates. We’re the most effective at finding quality matches for our clients. Not just better – we’re different.

Not Every Client is For Us.
Before we take you on as a client, we will go through all of your information and determine if we can help you. The most important thing to us is client satisfaction, so we won’t even take on a client if we’re not sure we can do a good job. It doesn’t make sense to us – or for you – if we get to the end of your contract and we’re only able to find 1 or 2 quality matches to introduce you to. We’ll never take on someone who we don’t feel we can do a good job for.

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