Fibromyalgia / "Invisible" Illness Game Night (18 to 45 y/o)

Group Description

This is a group for people (aged 18 to 45) with "invisible" illnesses, such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus and MS. I think that support groups are good and well, but sitting around talking about how depressed everyone is can be kind of... well, depressing. Instead, let's play board games. We can certainly talk about what's ailing us, but lets have some fun too.

This game is for non-traditional gaming (role-playing, European games, strategy, etc...). Traditional board games are fun, but you won't see Monopoly or Scrabble here.  We're more interested in geeky stuff like Ticket to Ride, Cards Against Humanity, & Munchkin.  If you've never played games like this before, that's fine.  All I ask is that you come in with an open mind.

I started this group because I had found that there is little to no support given to people who are both young and sick.   Our experience is different from those who are older than us.  I wanted to create a place where young people and go and form a community.  Because of this, please do not ask me to make an exception if you don't fit in our age demographic.

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